Pieter Du Plessis, the founder of 'Du Plessis Werke" was born and raised in a small bushveld town in the Waterberg district in South-Africa. He had the privilege to learn a lot about Fauna & Flora, animal behaviour, tracking, conservation, weapon & hunting techniques from his father. Pieter shot his first buck at age 6. In Secondary school Pieter played rugby at provincial level, after which he joined the army, where he received the highest award for "sniper".

Pieter got married, started his own business supplying equipment, and later another providing restaurants with venison. During 1994, a friend, Bennie Bierman, invited Pieter to join him on a knife making course. Being a hunter, and therefore needing good knives, Pieter thought it a good idea to be able to make his own hunting knife. Needless to say, he soon became so intrigued with making knives, that a hobby quickly turned into a business; supplying friends and family (including Bennie Bierman) with knives.

Due to growing demand, Pieter's youngest son Wynand joined the business. Wynand mastered knife making and added daggers and smoking pipes to production. Together, Pieter and Wynand are responsible for every knife manufactured. The knife range has expanded dramatically - from fixed blade hunting knives to different types of folders, carving sets, dinner service, collectors items and more.

These hand made items are supplied all over South-Africa and internationally!

To order one of these magnificent pieces, contact us directly.